Providing the supplies your patients need for various healthcare and wellness purposes
medical professional with his medical supplies

Medical supplies and equipment range from simple implements to large devices. These are designed to help patients accomplish a variety of health goals, from being able to breathe properly to walking from one place to another. These are used both by care providers and patients in a variety of settings, including at home.

We Can Provide What You Need

StatewideRx is no stranger to the changing field of healthcare. That is why lend you a hand in meeting the needs of patients. As a generic and OTC wholesale distributor, we alleviate the problems of addressing evolving products and services which are vital for patient care.

With our dedicated team of account managers, we provide you with specialized services and the utmost attention to detail to meet the needs of your patients. With a next-day-delivery service and access to top-notch manufacturers, we have what you need!

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